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Bringing educators together

In an increasingly global and interconnected world, teachers have more freedom than ever to learn from anywhere. You are no longer limited to learning from the people in your own school community and that freedom is a powerful tool.

Education is changing. Contemporary teachers have gone through the biggest shift there has ever been in the industry and that change isn’t over yet. We believe this moment is an opportunity to bring educators together: to learn from each other, grow, and respond to the transformations that have been happening in teaching.

Bringing educators together

What our teachers say

"It has saved some lecturers 20% of their time when it comes to planning lecturers. They are able to re-direct that time and provide 1:1 support for some students."

Kerry Harrison

Lecturer, Burnley College

"We believe that providing such a platform like Teacherly, will relieve a huge burden from teachers and free up time for other important tasks."

Norm Dean

Chief Education Officer, Taaleem

"What a great tool: the ability to differentiate, multiple mediums, communicate, all within 1 platform."

Evan Whitehead

Director of Special Services, School District in Illinois, USA

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