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Planning lessons has never been easier

We've been busy making some big changes to Teacherly, we're sure you'll love them all.

Teacherly Version 2 Dashboard

Your questions

We went to make sure you're ready for the new release, so if you have any more question start a chat in the bottom right corner or drop us an email.

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How will Teacherly be different?

Our whole team has spent a lot of time listening to customers to find out how we can make Teacherly even easier for you to use. When you log in for the first time the most obvious change will be your navigation bar is on the left.

If you want a guided tour we will be running a series of handy webinars for all our customers to give you a guided tour, all details will be shared on social channels and in the product.

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Do I need to do anything to see the update?

You don't have to lift a finger our development team is doing all the hard work so when you log in it will all be ready and waiting for you.

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Will my lesson plans change?

Not at all, your current lesson plans will not change.

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Is my student data going to be impacted?

No, your existing student data will be fine and you can continue to share your lessons.

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Will the price change?

To check out your current subscription log into your teacherly account and head to my profile, you may want to take a look at the team option to share Teacherly with your department.

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I want to upgrade, how do I do this?

That's perfectly fine and who can blame you, once you log in to your account you will see the upgrade option in the top right corner, alternatively, start a chat with us and we can walk you through it.

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What if I don't want to change my subscription?

We have upgraded our whole platform to bring the best features and benefits to you our customers if you would like to discuss your current subscription please email

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Do I need to update my payment details?

Don't worry you won't have to change anything with your payment details.

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Will my students notice any difference?

Not at all, your students will access the lessons exactly the same as before.

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It's been a couple of months since I used Teacherly, I've forgotten how to use it help!

That is totally ok a lot has happened over the last few months, we have a selection of help articles available to get you started again but if you are unsure of anything just start a chat with us and one of the team can guide you through.

31 Aug 2020, 10:30am/2:30pm GST

Teacherly 10X Webinar

Want a guided tour of the new platform? Join our team in our upcoming webinar for a walkthrough of the new Teacherly.

It's totally free!
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