The Basics

What is Teacherly?

Teacherly is a faster, easier and quicker way to plan and deliver lessons online. A one stop solution for teachers and students. Anyone who wants to learn or teach a subject can use Teacherly, Teacherly helps teachers, tutors and parents provide more personalized lessons. Students at any level can reach their academic goals at their own pace, and get extra help along their learning journey.

What are Phases in a lesson and why do they exist?

A teacher plans a lesson in different learning episodes, phases. Teacherly integrates the reality in the way a teacher plans a lesson within the Teacherly. This makes it easier to plan using Teacherly.

Which Web Browser should I use?

Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer. Teacherly can be opened using any browser from laptop, Desktop computer or tablet device.

What devices can I use to access Teacherly?

Laptop, Macbook, PC, iPad, Samsung Galaxy tablet, Google Nexus tablet. Teacherly can be opened using any browser from laptop, Desktop computer or tablet device.

What subject areas does Teacherly cover?

Currently we offer content for the following subjects within the National Curriculum KEY STAGE 3 and GCSE's from AQA, OCR, EDEXCEL and WJEC. Maths, English, Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Computer Science. In time we want to offer the full range of subjects and different qualifications. A school/teacher can select other subjects and create their own content.

Where does Teacherly source its video content and other resources?

Teacherly contains videos that are embedded from YouTube which are not owned or controlled by Teacherly and of which Teacherly has no control over. For example, occasionally, you may see ads within these videos. These ads and how they are displayed are controlled by YouTube, not by Teacherly.

If I invite another teacher to join, can he or she start using Teacherly immediately?

As long as the teacher is part of an educational institution (school, sixth form or college) you can invite them to view your class libraries, lessons and in later release of Teacherly you will be able to collaborate.

Who can register to use Teacherly?

Any educator. Learning provider.

How do I delete my account?

Email contact@teacherly.io or telephone 01332 742711

Teaching (The Teacher)

Teaching overview

Anyone can use the Teacher dashboard to create a class library within Teacherly. You can assign it to an individual or to a group of students that belong in a class. Every class library consists of at least one lesson. A lesson is made up of at least one learning outcome of a course that is meant to span a short amount of time, from a day to a couple of weeks.

How can I teach using Teacherly?

Teacherly enables teachers to help students meet learning outcomes through personalized lessons that are tailored to each student's learning needs and create a student learning experience environment. You can create class libraries, create lessons with specific learning outcomes, assign lessons and track student progress.

What is a Class library?

A class library is essentially a playlist (like Spotify, Deezer, Netflix) a collection of lessons connecting prior and future learning.

What is a Lesson in Teacherly?

A lesson is a collection of learning phases/episodes of learning to help students with the knowledge, understanding and skills associated to a specific topic. Broken down in bite size learning chunks.

What is the Lesson Canvas?

A lesson canvas contains content to help students learn about a topic broken down and linked to learning outcomes. The lesson canvas can have text, audio, video, images and built in activities to take.

How do I create a Class library?

The Administrator will have already setup your class libraries for you.

Does Teacherly have approved lessons I can choose from?

We will have a pool of teachers who will create lessons for Teacherly which we will make available in our Library. For example a Year 8 Maths teacher teaching Probability will have the option to choose an approved lesson and edit it or use it as it is.

How will I know if a student has received my Class library and Lesson invitation?

When you invite a student to a course using their email address, they will receive an email notification from Teacherly. The student simply needs to click “Start my learning journey.” This will take them to a login page where they log into their account. Once logged in, the first class library will appear on the Student dashboard. Click on the Class library and click on the lesson inside to begin the lesson.

To see which students have started a lesson and joined the class library. On the navigation click on the icon Analytics (bar chart icon) here you will see a list of your classes. Click on the class, you will see a list of students in the class and whether the student has started the lesson, in progress or complete.

How do I assign a Lesson to a Class?

Once you have created your lesson you will be presented with a screen to assign lesson to students. You will see your classes. Select which class or classes you want to assign the lesson to.

Can I preview the content in the Lesson canvas before assigning?

Once you have created your lesson you will be presented with a screen to assign lesson to students, you can also preview your lesson before assigning it.

Can I see student progress on a lesson that I have assigned?

On the navigation click on the icon Analytics (bar chart icon) here you will see a list of your classes. Click on the class, you will see a list of students in the class and whether the student has started the lesson, in progress or complete. You can also see what assessment quizzes students have taken and the scores.

Do students have to be registered or go through registration to see lessons?

Yes. A student needs an account and be invited by a teacher.

How do I delete a lesson?

A teacher can delete a lesson but the implications of deleting a lesson will mean anyone using that lesson has no access. We encourage duplicating lessons but not to delete lesson.

How do I invite another teacher to see the Class library?

You can invite a teacher in two ways. When you create a lesson and invite a teacher using their email or once you have created your lesson and you get to the assign to your students screen. You select the option to make your lesson public which means all the teachers will be able to see the lessons.

How do I share an individual lesson with another teacher?

From the navigation click on the lesson to view your lessons. Use the share option under each lesson to share via an email address.

What if I can't access my account?

Check your username and password. See your administrator. Email contact@teacherly.io.

Learning (The Student)

Learning overview

Any student can use the Student dashboard to view lessons, resources and take assessment quizzes.

How do I accept an invitation to join a class and view lessons from my teacher?

Check your email, click on the link Start my learning journey. This will take you straight to the login screen.

How do I view a lesson?

Click on begin lesson on the lesson card to view the lesson.

How do I know if I viewed a lesson?

When you go back to your lessons in your class library it will have a progress bar at the top with phases and a tick with complete.

How do I start an assessment quiz?

When you are in the lesson, in each phase, learning episode on the lesson canvas there is a button with the word quiz, click on the button and it will take you straight to the quiz.

How can I go back and check my answers?

Click on the back option to go back.

Do lessons have an expiry date?

Your teacher will set a due date for the lesson, once you go past this due date the lesson is locked.

Can I have multiple lessons opened at the same time?

You can only view one lessons at one time.

Will other students in my class see the same lesson as me?

Your teacher will personalise lessons for groups of students. You will have other students of similar ability viewing the same lesson as you.

Can I use Teacherly at home?

Yes. Just login using your account details and you can view the lesson at home, take the quizzes or do any homework that is set via Teacherly.

Are lessons timed?

Lessons can be timed, your teacher can set a time or he/she has the option not to set any time.

Are quizzes timed?

Quizzes can be timed or they don't have to have any set time. Your teacher has two option when adding time to a quiz. 1. Add a time to each question. 2. Add a time to the entire quiz.

I have forgotten my login details?

Please click on request password in the login screen. Speak to your administrator or teacher or email contact@teacherly.io

Using the Lesson Canvas to Create content

Lesson canvas overview

We're constantly saving your changes to the cloud! Every time you make a change to your lesson canvas, we save your data so you never have to worry about losing it.

How to create content using the Lesson canvas?

We have made it really simple and easy to start using the lesson canvas to create content for your lessons and to start delivering lessons online with your students.

All the features are in the navigation, adding resources, images, videos, text and uploading documents.

You can also just drag and drop any image, text or video from Youtube or Vimeo.

Creating an activity is also simple with built in activities option available on each phase of your lesson.

How can I use my own content in the lesson canvas?

You can upload your own resources like word, spreadsheet or powerpoint presentation. If you have a video, images or sound files you can upload that too.

How to report an Issue or give feedback?

We want to hear from you! You can comment and report technical issues by clicking “Feedback” at the top right hand corner of any page within Teacherly. Also feel free to contact the Teacherly Team at contact@teacherly.io.

My data: Security and Privacy

How is my data and privacy protected?

It takes a lot of data to provide accurate and effective personalised learning and teaching experiences. Teacherly is committed to protecting the privacy of every user's information. We limit the type of data we collect and we only collect and analyse student data that we believe can improve learning outcomes. We only collect Teacher profile setup data to help teachers find teaching resources tailored to them and to help them connect with other teachers.

Like online banking, Teacherly uses encryption and technologies specifically designed to keep information secure and inaccessible by anyone else.

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