The Importance of Wellbeing for Teachers

Teacher Retreat Invitation.

There can be no doubt that these are stressful times for teachers; we are preparing for final tests and exams, some of us are returning to school, and others still don’t know when their respective lockdowns will end. Our days are full of uncertainty: will my internet cut out during a class? Did my students understand the lesson, or were they distracted by their phones? When will I see friends and family again: especially those overseas?

Teachers’ mental wellbeing is of the utmost importance. We deserve to be well and feel appreciated. The happier teachers are, the better the classroom environment will be and the more the students will learn.

That’s why we’re hosting our first ever Teacher Retreat, a virtual event for teachers to help us unwind, relax and have fun. A space apart where we can stop thinking about our current difficulties and focus on ourselves.

The first part of our retreat will be a panel talk led by four wellness experts from around the world, to get some perspective and learn some tips for how to stay well.

Mufida Al Digeil is a teacher, neuro-linguistic coach and a life coach who believes in the importance of positivity as a force that can drive your life forward.

Hamza Ghandour is a trainer and facilitator for Initiatives of Change, which is a worldwide movement of change-makers.

Dr. Louise Lambert is a registered psychologist who specializes in positive psychology and develops educational programs across the GCC. To get some insight into Dr. Louise’s thoughts around teacher wellbeing check out our recent podcast with her.

Dana Abdel Khalek is a biomedical engineer, teacher, and laughter yoga instructor. The panel discussion will be hosted by Atif Mahmood, the CEO and Founder of Teacherly.

According to Teacher Magazine social support is one of the most important parts of maintaining our wellbeing. Even while we are social-distancing, we need to feel supported and cared for. After the panel discussion there will be a “speed-dating” activity, where participants will be split into small groups of 2–3 people to meet, discuss tips for staying well, and offer each other support. Together we will create a network of people from around the world who are invested in their own wellbeing and in each other.

In addition to socializing as self-care, it is important that we take care of our physical and mental health. Which is why one of our panelists, Dana Abdel Khalek, will be leading a virtual Laughter Yoga session for all of the participants.

“Sometimes as teachers we wear masks because we want to be serious with students and have everything under control in the classroom… But laughter yoga helps us to shed our masks and have the free expression of emotions without fear.”

Hear more from Dana about Laughter Yoga on our recent podcast.

We hope to close our event with a lot of laughter, new connections, and some weight lifted off our shoulders. The end of the school year is in sight, and as we look forward to the future we will need each other’s support.

If you are interested in joining us, sign up here. It’s free to join. We’re sure you’ll have fun.

How have you been focusing on your own well being during distance learning? Drop us a comment below.