How can I manage teaching in person and distance learning?

With schools reopening and offering both distance learning and  coming back to the ‘new normal’ of face to face education, educators are trying to juggle a whole new whirlwind of teaching styles. 

Teacherly is an online platform dedicated to teachers and created by a former educator. We’ve gone 10x with a new look and features, to provide teachers with an all in one platform to plan lessons, collaborate and teach wherever!

Most importantly, our platform will allow you to easily switch between teaching online or teaching face to face. Whether your students are split up or whether you're looking for a seamless switch to distance learning in the case of another lockdown, Teacherly can support you.

Remote teaching is a button away 

With Teacherly, you have access to thousands of pre-created lesson templates, or the option to easily enhance and create your own lessons as per your teaching and learning needs. 

From here, you assign your lesson to students where they will be able to access it from home or their own devices in class.

Alternatively, teach your lesson in the ‘Present’ mode for students who are there in person, and click on ‘Go Live’ in order to begin teaching your distance learning students simultaneously. 

The Teacherly ‘Go Live’ feature provides you with an inbuilt video calling service, where students can chat, raise their hands and be muted. 

In addition, students have the opportunity to rate lessons and provide you with feedback should any areas of concerns around the topic or lesson arise. 

Check out this short video to see just how easy it is to manage in person teaching and distance learning. 

If you have any questions or would like a personal in depth demo of our platform, please feel free to email me on or sign up here for free!