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Check out our ready-made lessons: Our top 4 January favourites

We’re on a mission to cut teacher’s lesson planning time by at least half! To help us do this we recruited a team of Teacherly Navigators:  practicing teachers from around the world who create ready-made lessons across the UK, US and IB curriculum. They’re all available in our Teacherly platform for you to preview and download. Here’s what one of our Teacher Navigators, Pranti says about using Teacherly:

“It’s also so silly, but a lot of times you create and plan lessons but then they get lost, whether they’re on paper or stored in Google Drive. Teacherly lets you put everything in one place so you can access lessons two years down the line and use them again.” Pranti Zaveri, grade two teacher, Dubai

There are 1000s of ready-made lessons to choose from and this month we’ve hand picked our favorite four to showcase:

1. Physics: Force and Motion

Year group: KS3

Description: This colorful and interactive lesson covers the basics of Newton’s Third Law and the interaction of forces through video explanations and engaging investigations - all ready to be taught live or in class!

Physics ready-made lesson

2. Art and Design: Surrealism and Magritte inspired drawing

Year group: KS2

Description: Get your students’ creativity flowing with this all inclusive art lesson that covers the basics of surrealism and a range of techniques for drawing observations with lots of interactive voice notes for instruction and quizzes to test understanding.

Art & design ready made lesson

3. STEM: Chemistry and the lemon battery

Year group: Year 6

Description:  Brighten up your STEM class with this electrifying lesson that covers how chemical energy is converted to electrical energy. This lesson will also provide your students with a step by step activity to designing and constructing a battery!

STEM Read-made lesson

4. Maths: Mensuration and investigating Pi

Year group: Year 7

Description: Keep your students challenged with this lesson that covers applying formulae to solve problems including perimeter and areas of a triangle. Through group work and a series of fun challenges, your students will be pro’s in no time.

Maths ready made lesson

Every month we’ll be showcasing four of our best lessons for you to use in class or if you’re teaching remotely. Check them out in more detail over at our resources page.

If you would like to be a Teacherly Navigator we’d love to hear from you  email us at contact@teacherly.io

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