Apps for apprenticeships

Apps for apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are a hot topic in the world of Education, so I thought I would explore the use of Apps for Apprenticeships.

If you are an organisation that provides apprenticeships, you may have a ‘web area’ that apprentices log into to get information or to record their time, or you may be still using paper based systems.

The problem is that they have high ‘pain points’. Paper based having the highest ‘pain point’. Printing sheets, giving them out, getting them correctly filled in, receiving them and then entering the data for analysis causes a large amount of administration and time loss.

Having a ‘web area’ is a move in the right direction. This reduces the ‘pain point’ as data can be collated quickly giving a detailed student overview. Yes, the system is exposed to technical problems, but the time saved will outweigh this by 100/1 and will benefit the environment. However, the apprentice needs to login to the system. This means getting the laptop out, waiting for it to load up when they could be doing anything else.

How would an App Help Apprenticeships?

A graph on TechCrunch by GlobalWebIndex shows Smart Phone ownership at 80% in the UK, this means you can reach Apprentices in their pockets! The ‘pain point’ is dramatically reduced as time-sheets, work quiz’s, information and messaging can be delivered to a mobile device.

The App would give a sense of inclusion, also offers or promotions could be pushed to the App user enforcing brand loyalty.

Quick Use Case:

Aaron is an army Apprentice, he has a part-time job to top-up the funds he receives from his Apprenticeship, so he is busy catching buses and working part-time whilst not at work.

Andrea, who works in Admin has realised that Aaron has not done his time timesheet. Logging in to the app manager she is able to send him a reminder.

Aaron, who is sitting on the bus to work, receives the message and clicks straight through into the App and fills in his weeks timesheet.

An App could be the bridge between your business and your apprentice, providing better integration and tighter, more efficient working relationship.