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Blended teaching

Say goodbye to the juggle. Bring your classroom and remote students together in one simple, safe, and easy to use tool which helps bring two classes together with one lesson plan to teach.

Blended teaching

All you need to know about blended teaching

Blended teaching or hybrid teaching is something every school is adopting around the globe. While some teachers struggle to teach a lesson to the in-person class and students at home (usually at the same time ) some have found a way to make it easier.

Our mission at Teacherly is to help teachers overcome the daily challenges: the things that take up too much time and give them some much needed breathing space and the blended teaching solution within the Teacherly platform does just that.

Live lessons to students anywhere, anytime

Teach from anywhere with ease. Simply create one lesson for your class and remote students; live stream to any device to ensure nobody is left behind.

Live lessons to students anywhere, anytime

Track student engagement

Easily track your students’ progress through a lesson in class or at home and offer tailor-made support when they need it. Simple analytics tell you all you need to know.

Track student engagement

Improve with instant feedback

Give every student the opportunity to give feedback on your lesson with a simple thumbs up or thumbs down; understand the gaps in your instruction and collaborate with peers to improve.

Improve with instant feedback

Real-time student support

Monitor your students’ progress through each lesson and offer tailor-made support for each student during and after the lesson. Assign resources specific to each student’s learning style and watch your class thrive.

Real-time student support

Students are safe and secure

Students are kept safe in Teacherly with strict safeguarding measures developed by our inhouse educators.

What are the benefits of blended learning?

Research carried out by Teacherly in Summer 2020 revealed that 73% of 10-18-year olds are in favour of more flexible learning environments, while 42% said that they now want to be able to balance learning with other activities that make them happy - something blended teaching has at it’s centre.


Blended learning improves performance

It’s a known fact that the traditional school day does not suit everyone, in fact teenager’s cycadian ryhthm shows a 10am start would be more suitable. While this may not be practical for classroom teaching, this could be explored more easily using a blended approach.

During spring 2020 lockdown, students who usually flew under the radar during class, thrived working digitally. They were able to get instruction immediately when learning digitally and start work straight away - no distractions, they were also more engaged in online learning environments compared to the classroom.


Creating a more positive learning environment

Traditional school is indeed important for many reasons - including building relationships and setting a routine - however, it is also true that many children have thrived while being home-schooled and have been happier with this during recent difficult times.

If we are looking to engage more young people in education and improve the overall student experience, giving them the flexibility to work in school or at home, which a blended approach allows, should have a positive impact on their learning outcomes.

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