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The future of education is flexible, collaborative and imaginative

The future empowers teachers and prioritizes equity and accessibility to improve the lives of all students. It is time to build that future by shedding teacher pain-points and embracing new tools for teaching in a rapidly changing world.

Working together to build a better future.

Teacherly launched in 2018. Since then we’ve built a community of more than 14,000 educators from around the world.

Atif Mahmood, Founder of Teacherly

The time for change

Teacherly began in my own classroom, when I saw that technology could bolster student learning, but also realized it could radically improve the lives of teachers. I noticed how stressed my colleagues were, how little time we all had, and how the burden of outdated systems was weighing us all down. I knew it was time for a change.

We lose too many good teachers to burnout and job dissatisfaction. Teacher wellbeing is of vital importance to student success, but we often ignore it. This neglect gradually wears down even the best teachers.

Teacher wellbeing

A happy teacher is the secret to a successful educational system, so I built a tool that would take away the burden of administration and lesson planning to give teachers the time to be creative again and focus on their own development. I envisioned a global network of teachers working as a team to improve each other’s practice and learn from each other.

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